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Agent CRM now supports agencies and teams with a Team Plan! 

Inside of a Team Plan there are two levels: Manager and Member. 

The Managers of the Team will have the following "Super Permissions": 
1. Invite new team members,
2. Import entire "Snapshots" into Members' accounts and
3. Share contacts/leads instantly amongst the team members.
4. Login as the individual team members accounts' to run reports, import leads, etc. 

The goal of the Team plan is to make it easy for all members of your team to have access to the assets (funnels, workflows, etc) created for them, and to simplify the process to share contacts between accounts.

In this video, Alex mentions a fee... but that is now waived, and the Team Plan Upgrade has been made free for all Agent CRM users (each member of your team will need their own Agent CRM account)!

What Happens Now

All members you invite to your team will be sent an email asking for their permission to be added to your Team (they are not added to your Team without their permission, since Managers will be able to login as them). Each member of your team will be sent a link to sign up for their own account, and then they will be added to your Team Plan after signing up! We have made this so easy! 

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